My first time with an elementary school teacher

I might not be the only guy in here who had a teacher growing up that he found attractive and eventually developed a crush on. For me that teacher was my Spanish teacher who had long dark curly hair, tanned skin, brown eyes, pretty face, and a lovely Spanish accent to top it all off. I still remember her to this day but she was married and had two attractive daughters. Eventually she would move away and I would never see her again.

After that I never had a crush on a teacher again and years down the road I would be finished with high school and in college. At the age of 20 I would often frequent bookstores on Friday nights (what loser does that right?!) when I felt that partying was not anything important. One summer vacation I was stuck in college taking difficult science classes and going to the Barnes and Nobles reading magazine while having a latte was pretty relaxing to me.

One evening at Barnes and Nobles I am reading a book while someone who walks by bumps into me and knocks the book out of my hand.

“I am so sorry, are you okay?” she asks
“Yes, you seem to be in a rush, are YOU okay?” I ask jokingly
“Yes, it is just that I can’t seem to find this book I have been looking for in the past 20 minutes and it is starting to frustrate me” she replies

I would eventually show her where the book is and end up finding it. After that we would have a short conversation. The woman was  a blonde with a cute chiseled face, nice slim body, and in her 30s. She told me she worked as an elementary school teacher and we would have a conversation on why she picked that job. Later on she told me she enjoyed working with kids and I replied saying Barnes and Nobles is the right place for her to be on weekends. After that I would tell her about why I come to Barnes and Nobles and how I am still in college.

She asks me if I have been a part of some volunteer program and I told her no, I am just taking tough summer classes. When she heard that she told me to look more into it and I asked her about it and eventually we would exchange numbers because of that “program”.

For the coming weeks (4 week span) I would see her a few more times but instead of rushing I decided to wait and slowly escalate. I would later find out that the teacher was divorced and had no kids and I would talk to her more about things outside of her personal life to take the stress away from it. Randomly she would tell me how she appreciated what I did and how a guy like me would go far in life. I told her I wished she was my elementary school teacher, only that she would have to learn another language (since I did not spend 1st grade in the US).

We would talk about my travels and she asked me what kind of places they have college students living in these days on campus. I told her it would be hard to describe and she likes she could come to my apartment and check it out some time. She tells me she is free on Saturday afternoon and I agree to let her come over.

Around the afternoon on Saturday I get a text from her saying she is on her way and I decide to confirm that I am home. She comes over wearing her short shorts and a casual shirt and we sit down on my couch. I was a decent cook and had made some grilled chicken with asparagus, asked her if she wanted some and both of us ate at the dinner table for about 20 minutes.

After that we would move to the couch and watch a movie. While watching the movie I would start to test out touching her, I touched her around the waist and massaged her back. After doing that I slowly started to move my head closer to hers and then the two of us made eye contact for 3 seconds before I went in for the kiss. We locked lips for a few minutes after which I started to take her clothes off. She sped up the process by helping me.

As we both stopped locking lips she was in nothing but her underwear and I was in my boxers and shirt. I quickly stripped down naked and then started to make out with her. First I kissed her neck and then after I tightly wrapped my hands around her back I put my mouth on each of her puffed up nipples and closed my eyes. It was pretty much like eating the nicest, sweetest, and softest cookie you have ever had and letting it melt in your mouth. The teacher was moaning.

Soon I managed to strip her underwear off and gave it a nice long whiff which just turned me on and made my heart beat go faster. She smiled as I went down on her and massaged both of her cheeks (and I am not talking about the ones on her face).

About a few minutes later we ignored the movie altogether as I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. We were both naked and I had her over my shoulder. When we arrived to my bedroom I slammed her down on the bed and as she spread her legs I and did her missionary style. Then a few minutes after that I had to release my load and ended up releasing it on the bedsheets, I was happy she didn’t require me to wear protection!

After we were done having sex I laid on top of her and put my mouth on areas of her upper body like her nipples and her neck, she had a nice smell of freshly baked bread going for her. An hour later we had sex again.

When we were finished having sex for the 2nd time we cuddled up for a few minutes before she left.

We would regularly have sex a few more times after that. One time she came to my place wearing no underwear and instead had the underwear in a bag with her, gave it to me to sniff which aroused me and then we would have sex for the rest of the night, with us sleeping together and having sex many times during the night.

She knew what she was doing and it was arguably one of my best experiences with a woman. For me it falls in the top 3 no question because she was so cool and laid back about the whole thing and knew what she was doing. Also her body smelled of freshly baked bread which aroused me. Guess the elementary school teacher did have something to teach a college kid.

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